29 trans and gender non-conforming influencers you need to know in 2021 — Very Good Light

Social media has created opportunities for underrepresented communities to connect, discover, and inspire those that might be separated by borders and water.

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Showing your support and listening to those in these communities cannot only exist online. In order to further the important messages of authenticity and love, we must make it a mission to talk about their stories with our friends, family, and peers. Doing so will help them better understand the importance of representing trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming individuals, and the entire LGBTQ+ community at large. Start the new year off right by following and supporting these boundary-breaking folx. Below, we rounded up a list of influencers that we believe should be on your radar this year.


2. Bishen, @Thatsbishen

4. Ayman, @Thekillermonsta

5. Maxwell, @Maxwelljameson

10. Jeffrey, @Thejeffreymarsh

12. Schuyler, @Pinkmantaray

13. Jocelyn, @Jocelynclairereed

17. @Theoneandonlyrexy

19. Thorne, @Thornhawthorne

21. Alejandra, @Alealejndra

23. Black Wolf Kixen, @Issakixen

24. Alexis, @Theglamjesus

25. @Missfiercalicious

Originally published at https://verygoodlight.com on January 12, 2021.



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